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14 Words You Are Saying Wrong, According to ABQ Natives

If you're a recent transplant or just not too familiar with all the Spanish words that populate Albuquerque landmarks and street names, consider this your essential guide. 

1. Paseo Del Norte

Roll the "R"

2. Rio Grande

Not "Rio Grand"

3. Relleno

Not "Rayeno"

4. Candelaria

Just pretend you're a pirate as you say this. Arrrr!

5. Guacamole

Not "gwakamolie"

6. Mesa

Not "Maysa"

7. San Pedro

Again, roll the "R"

8. Cesar Chavez

He's a hero to all Hispanics, not a salad.

9. Biscochito

Not "biskachituh"

10. Los Ranchos

A rolling "R" will get you far in this state, so let it roll. 

11. Bosque

Not "baskie"

12. Juan Tabo

Not "Juan Talbo" or "Juan Tablo"... Where is everyone finding the "L"?!

13. Arroyo

I'm sure you've gotten the hang of rolling the "R" by now

14. 'Burque

Not "berkie"