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15 Things to Add to Your ABQ Bucketlist

Albuquerque has a few hidden gems of activities that are a MUST to check out, especially if you need to spice up your routine, or get out and explore. If you want to see some of the most outstanding things we have to offer, you're in the right place!

Looking at the city, from the Volcanos

The volcanoes are to the west of Albuquerque, close to the Petroglyphs and there are so many fun things to explore there. Our recommendation? Explore the lava tubes. However, one of the coolest things to do near the volcanoes is observe the city lights. 

Driving on the 66

Photo via www.abcnews.go.com

Did you know that a portion of our Route 66 actually plays a tune when driven on? But only if you drive the perfect speed limit. It was recently added in Tijeras by National Geographic and when you drive over it, you can hear America the Beautiful, which is amazing. It is something unique and one of few in the country, which makes it something you need to hear for yourself. 

Going on a Hike

Photo via www.citydata.com

Albuquerque has a lot of hiking trails all over. Going along the bosque near the river, or in the foothills are just a couple you can find out here. We have a ton of gorgeous nature to offer which makes hiking a special spot on every Burqueno's bucketlist. 


Photo via en.wikipedia.org

Explora is one of the coolest museums Albuquerque has to offer. Not only is it award winning and cutting edge for a science museum, it is fun for the whole family. Seriously, they have adult nights! The best part is the intriguing exhibits, one of which includes a bike ride on a tight rope (it sounds scary, but it's super fun). Try at your own risk!


Summerfest, which hosts music, stands for all sorts of crafty gifts, and a great crowd of people happens one time during the summer in Albuquerque. It is pretty awesome, so when it is that time of year, check out the free festival and enjoy yourself. 


Photo via www.theblondecoyote.com

The Petroglyphs are a must see, especially if you are with the family. There is a very short hike where you can see the extremely cool ancient symbols, and trust me, it's something that needs to be on every Burqueno's to do list. 

Max's Magic Theatre

Have you been? You are so missing out if you haven't. Walk into the shop and you will experience a whole new world of tricks and imagination. After the guys show you a trick or two, you'll be begging for a ticket to the magic show on the weekend. Best part? It's $10 if you buy tickets a week in advance. Yes, please.

Watching the Balloon Fiesta (from your own backyard)

Photo via www.airpigz.com

A lot of people don't favor the traffic that comes alongside with the Balloon Fiesta, which is why watching it from your backyard makes it that much better. Dodge the crowds of people, wake up early, and enjoy some hot cocoa in your backyard, as the balloons light up the sky... definitely a must do. 

Eating at El Pinto

Photo via www.elpinto.com

El Pinto has been visited by people all over, but why? Because they're delicious, and it's something everyone must try. Especially those fried green chile strips with red chile ranch... mmm... stop in here, and you'll leave with a happy belly. 

The Sandias

Photo via en.wikipedia.org

Whether you ride the tram up, or drive, this is definitely something that should be on every Burqueno's bucketlist. Walking around the nature is breathtaking, and after all of the fun, you can dine at High Finance. 

National Museum of Nuclear Science & History

Photo via www.trailergypsies.com

This is a pretty cool museum that should make it on to everyone's bucketlist, as it teaches about the good, bad, and ugly of nuclear science. The artifacts are neat and intriguing, and very educational, in an interesting way. 

Off Roading

Photo via www.nissanabq.com

Albuquerque has a lot of rugged land, which can be offroaded.There are many places to, from level one, to level five for fully loaded off roading vehicles, and one of the funnest is right there, behind CNM west. 

Visiting the Albuquerque Museum

Photo via www.cabq.gov

Albuquerque has a ton of interesting museums to offer, one of which being the Albuquerque Museum. Located in Old Town, this museum teaches all about Albuquerque's history, and there's even a cool exhibit with 3-D art that's perfect for the kiddos. 

Hot Air Balloon Rides

Photo via www.visitalbuquerque.org

We're known for our balloons, but not everyone has experienced first hand thrill that balloon rides have to offer. Lucky for you, the Rainbow Ryders offer some of the coolest balloon experiences around town, with a champagne ceremony on their rides. 

Albucreepy Ghost Walk

Photo via www.visitalbuquerque.org

This 90 minute walk deserves a spot on every thrill seekers bucketlist. The tour, hosted by Albuquerque Trolley Company, has guides that are experience in the paranormal scene, and tours around the darker side of Albuquerque, which is pretty exhilarating!