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15 PDX Burgers Every Burger Lover Should Try

We've been on a burger quest since 2011, and after consuming burgers of all shapes and sizes in all quadrants of this city we've narrowed down our favorite 15 (in no particular order). 

The Porkstrami @ Lardo


This towering meatgasm is a paean to Portland's love of all thinks pork. Two glistening beef patties are topped with a mountain of Lardo's famous Porkstrami and a handful of confetti'd green leaf bursting out of all angles like a verdant firework. Eat it semi annually, rather than weekly, to avoid clogging every artery science ever gave you.


via TILT

When TILT first opened on Swan Island I thought it was genius. Swan Island is one of the most employed areas of Portland - with the least amount of food choices. TILT to the rescue! Among their plethora of baked goods, brunch offerings and lunch counter meals, TILT burgers are legendary. The patties are perfection, the dressage is on point, and the buns - oh lord the buns- are a house made yeast dream come true. 


bar bar website

BAR BAR is a burger joint casually attached at the hip to one of the best places to see live music/performance in the city, Mississippi Studios. The menu is direct and simple, the burgers are greasy and delicious, the fries are salted with authority, and the atmosphere is about as relaxed as it gets. I love BAR BAR burgers for their easygoing simplicity (like the fast/slow food we love 'round here). If you only do one or two things, for the love of god and science, do them well - BAR BAR got that memo.

Donut Burger Sliders at The Original Dinerant

THESE MINI DONUT BURGERS ARE EXACTLY AS DELICIOUS AS YOUR 12-YEAR-OLD MIND THINKS THEY WOULD BE. Just get over yourself and eat them. Seriously, eat all of them. 

The Tasty Bacon Burger at Tasty and Sons

Surprise, surprise, one of PDX's best restaurants makes one of PDX's best burgers. This gently nectarous beast is topped with house made bacon and Beechers cheddar. When your homies come to town to visit and they want that sweet, sweet burger action, you will not be doing them wrong by taking them to Tasty and Sons

Killer Burger

I think the name says it all here. Killer Burger makes killer burgers - not literally - every specialty burger is a well curated masterpiece of sorta-fast food, and the standard killer burger is no exception. Every burger comes with bacon because, hello - bacon. And their somehow-above-average fries are currently holding my heart hostage as Portland's best somehow-above-average fry.

Doug Fir

Every pub worth it's mettle has a pub burger, but Doug Fir sets a gold standard for the typical bar burger. The beef is seasoned with a measured hand and cooked perfectly to order, the dressage is always fresh, crisp and vibrant, and the buns are a toasty revelation. It's constantly packed location might not make it your number one bar burger but you should revise that thought. Portland is not big enough for you to complain about the perfect burger being "too hipster" or "too touristy". Grow up and put your big boy burger eatin' pants on.

Dig A Pony

Word of advice; don't think about checking out this burger on a Friday night lest you are into the youngs whilst they party in very affected ways. Try a Wednesday happy hour, with the rest of the over 30 crowd and you'll find it much easier to enjoy yourself (unless you're a young, then I don't care when you eat it- just eat it). This savory burger is served on a toasted english muffin with a chipotle aioli and handful of mescalun. It's a charming mix of high and low brow that is also crazy delicious.



Yes, I know Yakuza is a sushi restaurant but next time you find yourself there, count how many burgers you see on the tables. It's weird but it's good weird. The burger is rich and earthy, and the chevre, potato strings and homemade ketchup toppers are symphonic. Start with fine sushi, finish with a fine burger and be glad you live in a city where such a thing is possible.

Kay's Bar and Grill

Kay's is definitely further outside of our collective comfort zone, located in the in the antique-iest part of Sellwood, but it's very much worth the trip. Kay's burgers are all face-sized, and they're not just big for the sake of being big. They are topped with gorgeous seasonal additions and local produce - making Kay's a beautiful juxtaposition of deep dark dive and amazingly artistic burger kitchen.

Slow Bar/Slowburger

Everyone in Portland who even has a vague idea where to get a delicious burger should know about the Slow Bar. So famous, in fact, is the Slow Bar's slowburger (and their seasonal variations) that they opened up a family friendly outpost and straight up named it Slowburger. True story; the first time I ate an original slow burger, in a darkened booth in the very corner of the dim, romantic bar, my first bite made my eyes well up and I shed a single tear. It was seriously that delicious.

Foster Burger


The addition of fatback to their beef is what makes Foster Burgers so irresistible. It also sets them apart from the rest of Portland's best burgers. I have personally sent many a burger-quester to the wilds of Foster-Powell to dive face first into Foster Burger. None have come back disappointed.

Dick's Kitchen

Double entendres abound in this petit Portland chain (drink for every Dick!). They've a decidedly paleo lean to their menu and approach, but that does not detract from their mean burger making skills. 

Rockin Robyn's Sassy Burger


Those in the know go to Rockin' Robyn's. In the elite burger circles of Portland, you'll hear her name whispered like so many cherry blossoms on the wind. Go to her burger shack, live your dreams, eat her burgers, gain the secret wisdom, and prosper.

Honorable Mentions: Ecliptic Brewing, The American Local, Frack burger

All solid contenders for the last spot on this list so, screw it, let 'em share. 

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