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14 ABQ Dishes You Need To Try With Dion's Ranch

Dion's Ranch, I wish I knew how to quit you. If you're like me, you probably have a bottle or two sitting in your fridge right now. It goes great on everything, not just salads and pizza from Dion's. Here are some dishes around town that you need to pair with Dion's Ranch the next chance you get.

Frontier carne adovada burrito

#BurritoLife #Adovada

A photo posted by Mark Likosky (@likosky) on

It's a simple dish of red chile-soaked pork wrapped up in a fluffy Frontier tortilla that's delicious on its own. But dunked in Dion's Ranch? It's magical.

Lotaburger seasoned fries

#lotaburger #combo @ledoux1959 sorry bro, ur not herr #sorrynotsorry

A photo posted by Babyhuskie_11 (@lil_spoon11) on

Forget ketchup. These little babies are perfect for dipping in a cup of Dion's Ranch.

Dog House chili dog

#CasadePerro......#DoghouseAbq....cruzing #scench #bestweenieintown....

A photo posted by Sleepy Lagoon Kustoms (@quiendog) on

Drizzle a little Dion's Ranch on your Dog House chili dog. Be amazed.

Bob's Burgers taco burger

Taco Burger, meet Dion's Ranch. You two are going to be good friends.

Mac's Steak in the Rough steak fingers

Yumm. Bomb. #MacsLaSierra ??

A photo posted by Joshua Martin Romero (@theenviedkidd) on

These little bad boys go great with gravy. They go even better with Dion's Ranch.

Allsup's chimichanga

All hail the mighty Allsup's Chimichanga. This artery-clogger is best enjoyed sparingly but when you do, make sure you have a bottle of Dion's Ranch handy.

Golden Pride breakfast burrito

#9 #goldenpride #albuquerquelivin #greenoneverything

A photo posted by marissa_ricci (@marissa_ricci) on

What makes a #9 from Golden Pride a perfect 10? Dion's Ranch.

Sadie's stuffed sopaipilla

Don't knock it til you try it. Next time you have leftover Sadie's (which is every time you go), try dressing up your stuffed sopa with Dion's Ranch.

Saggio's 4 meat calzone

Lunch!! #Saggios#calizone

A photo posted by James Martinez (@thexile1974) on

You already know Dion's Ranch goes well with pizza. Now try it with Saggio's 4 meat calzone. Pepperoni, Italian sausage, Canadian bacon, Italian beef... and ranch.

El Modelo tamales

My favorite spot with my mama ???? @kalexisberg

A photo posted by Sparrow ???? (@sparrowfeline) on

Before you cry sacrilege, give it a try. You just might surprise yourself with this combo.

Golden Crown Panaderia's NM green chile bread

New Mexico green chile bread will be out of the oven in one hour #gcp

A photo posted by Golden Crown (@goldencrownpanaderia) on

Take a slice of warm green chile bread, slather it with Dion's Ranch, and enjoy.

Venezia's pizza

#veneziaspizza #breakingbad

A photo posted by Sierra Jane ?? (@missjane_420) on

Nobody said Dion's Ranch had to be enjoyed with Dion's pizza. Try pairing it with a slice of Venezia's while on your next Breaking Bad marathon.

The Cube's brisket

This is who we are, this is what we do. #thecubebbq #bbq #heaven #meltinyourmouth #brisket

A photo posted by The Cube BBQ (@thecubebbq) on

There's no rule that says you can't substitute a drizzle of Dion's Ranch in lieu of a squeeze of barbecue sauce. And if such a rule existed, it would totally be worth breaking.

Flying Star Cafe's grilled cheese

Cheesy. Warm. Tasty. These are words that describe our Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Did you know? It's National Sandwich Day.

A photo posted by Flying Star Café (@flyingstarcafe) on

It's already an award-winning sandwich. Imagine how much better it would be dunked in a pool of Dion's Ranch? Mmmmm.