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12 Warning Signs Someone You Love is a Chile Addict

Chile addicts have excuses for why they crave spicy foods. It's in their genes because their parents were the same way. They can't help themselves because they started with tabasco, which led to habaneros, and so on. 

No matter what the root causes of their addiction are, there are clear signs that someone is a true chile addict. Consider them a warning.

They complain about any food that doesn't have chile


They've got to have a jar or can of chile nearby to add flavor to any dish. To them, everything tastes better with chile: soup, meat, bread.

They grow more chile in the garden than any other food.

Flickr/Candy Tale

Chile peppers crowd out the okra and squash. Vegetables are planted for their complementary uses in chile dishes. Tomatoes are grown for for salsa, corn and squash for calabacitas. Every plant is a means to an end.

Their annual pilgrimage is to Chimayo but at chile harvest time, not the Lenten season.


Their flask contains pepper vodka, their spirit of choice.

They eat chiles straight from the vine popping them right in the mouth, without blinking.


They eat the hamburger for the green chile not the other way around.


The same is true of burritos and other chile laden food. When eating out, they choose restaurants known for having the spiciest dishes.

Eating hot peppers leads to more hot pepper eating, with increasing heat intensity.


It's a vicious cycle that's difficult to stop. Call it Reefer Madness of the tongue.

Filming themselves eating the world's hottest pepper

can be an annual affair. They keep abreast of what the year's hottest pepper will be, find it, and eat it. Then they put their video up on Youtube where other chile addicts will watch.

They have a second freezer just for chile.

Nothing more.

Their license plate says something about hot peppers.


If they have the money, they drive a Cayenne.

They devote a great deal of time to drying peppers for later use.


Drying areas take up large amounts of space both inside and outside the house. Dried peppers carefully stored in bags contain detailed notes about the pepper's heat factor.

They free-baste meats with chile powder or chile sauce.


They prefer their meat this way.