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12 Things That Prove That ABQ Hates You

Does Albuquerque hate you? If you're asking, the answer is probably yes, and you should probably re-evaluate what's bringing you down. Sometimes stuff that happens out here just leads us to believe that Albuquerque just isn't your spot.

The Lack of a 24 Hour Bus

I mean, come on. Albuquerque is definitely busy enough to have a bus route 24/7. A lot of us would benefit from this, but no. It'll never happen. Ever.

Rio Rancho

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Beware! You've gone too far now. Turn around. Even though Albuquerque hates you, this shouldn't be your last resort.


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When one of your favorite escapes becomes a headache, you know that Albuquerque hates you. Especially when you're minding your own business, and bam, someone cuts you off with like 6 inches to spare between the two of you.

The Roads

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While some roads are fine and dandy in our city, there's the enormous handful of roads that just aren't. You think that after driving around the same pothole for six years that someone would notice- but no, the 505 just hates you.

The Weather

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You decided to put an effort to look good today? That's funny, because in less than twenty minutes, these sunny skies will be grey and rainy. That sucks.

The short roads, and all of the red lights

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A lot of our roads are pretty wacky in the sense that they're placed an extremely short distance from one another. When you catch these on a red light streak, it's impossible not to think that Albuquerque hates you.

The blinding sun on your way home from work

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For those of us fortunate enough to catch the sun as it's setting on your evening commute- you know why this would lead you to believe that the 505 hates you.

You just can't seem to get into green chile

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It's too hot, you can't dig the taste, and you can't seem to figure out why everyone is head over heels for green chile.

The concerts and lack thereof

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You have a favorite band? Sucks to be you. You will probably never get to see them, ever.

The allergy seasons

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We have all been tricked by our cottonwood plants that it's snowing, when it really isn't. And just to put the cherry on the top, your allergies suck too.

The lack of water related fun when it's burning hot

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It's freaking hot out here, we get it. But something we don't get, and will probably never get- a decent waterpark. Oh, how we miss the Beach.

The lack of (almost) everything good

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Want In-N-Out? Joe's Crab Shack? White Castle? Gucci wear? It's not going to happen, at least in Albuquerque?