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12 Genius Uses for All Those Mason Jars

By BethanyK 04/24/2015

Portland News

As Portlanders, there are few things we love more than vintage mason jars put to good--and many--uses. Unlock your mason jars' potential with these 12 Portland-hipster-approved ideas.

Coffee To-go


Say goodbye to your mugs and hello to your new best friend. Bonus tip for summer: add coffee, ice, milk, and your favorite flavoring to the jar, screw the lid on tight, and shake for a Portlander-approved iced coffee drink.

Home-brewed Beer


No kitchenware is worthy of home brews like the mason jar is.

Fruit Water


Why don't you put some cucumbers from the Portland Farmer's Market or some fresh blueberries from the backyard in that mountain-sourced water? 

Herb Planter


Take your organic garden to the level of hipster with mason jars.



Because why would you ever use a normal container when you can use a mason jar?

String Lights


Simply punch holes through the lids and you've got yourself some straight up classy, hipster string lights.


via pinterest.com

We're Portlanders. We need gardens inside as well as outside. And the mason jar is here for you.



Need a quick last-minute speaker for your iPhone? Yes, the mason jar is there for you even now. Just put your phone in the jar for an instant speaker.

Wine Glasses


Who said mason jars didn't have class? Glue a glass candlestick to the bottom of a mason jar of any size for a wine glass that's the perfect blend of hip, unique, and classy.

Mini Cakes and Pies


Yet again proof that mason jars are good for nearly anything. Bake mini pies and cakes galore, perfect for your next party.

Tiki Torches


When the neighbors break out their tiki torches this summer, be sure yours will stand out.

Ready-Made Cocktails


Mix together mason jars of cocktails before a party so guests have quick, delicious, and hipster-approved drinks to grab without hassle.