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10 Things New Mexicans Would NEVER Give Up For Lent

By DukeCity 02/27/2015

Albuquerque News

The solemn observance of Lent commemorates the forty days that Jesus spent fasting in the desert, enduring temptation by the devil. Believers have traditionally observed Lent by fasting, praying, and giving alms. Today, many Catholics and Protestants observe Lent by foregoing a single vice. New Mexican vices aren't so different from the rest of the country, right?



"Do it, I dare you. It's just 40 days." (Read: 6:18 p.m.)



On the one hand, carbon dioxide savings and health benefits. On the other, limited transit options and unpredictable weather.

Sneaking through the left turn lane right before the light turns red.


Oh siiiiiiii.....

Our front lawn


Kentucky Bluegrass needs 40 inches of rain per year to thrive. We get 8. Find out more about xeriscaping here.



1 in 5 New Mexicans still smokes. Lent is a good time to quit, because it's meaningful, and you can enlist support from your community.


http://cepr.unm.edu/uploads/docs/cepr/LESC Truancy Presentation Final 12.17.12.pdf

In 2011-2012, 51,034 New Mexico students were habitually truant, including 22.7% of APS high schoolers. Go back to class, y'all, your teachers will be happy to see you.

Complaining About Taxes


Yes, the sales tax in Bernalillo County just went up three-sixteenths of a percent. Before you lament, consider that two-thirds of the projected revenues will be used for mental and behavioral health services.

Medicaid-funded Circumcision


According to Disney's Babble.com, "Circumcision isn’t covered by state-funded Medicaid in at least 18 states, reports the Baltimore Sun. Those policies may play a significant role in the CDC’s regional trends: only two states (Wyoming and New Mexico) in the US West region do cover circumcision under their states’ Medicaid plans."

Traveling the Green Chile Cheeseburger Trail


All the vices! Meat! Fat! Umami!

ABQ Newscastic


Just kidding! No reason to give it up! Newscastic is a virtue!