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10 Signs You're An ABQ Mom

To be a mom is one of the most fulfilling of all responsibilities. But being a mom in Albuquerque? That takes motherhood to an entirely new level. 

1. You collect Sprite cans for the Cliff's coupons.

Special Thanks to Chris Ortiz for making this!

2. You have hosted a birthday party at one (or maybe all) of these locations:

Google Images

3. The "Free Admission" days from the NM Natural History Museum are on your calendar.


4. "Happy Hour" is now the time between your kids' bedtime and yours.


5. You think of physical pain on three levels: pain, stepped on a Lego pain, and stepped on a goat head pain.


6. The New Mexico PBS website has a permanent place on your browser's bookmarks toolbar.

Yes, my kids have taken over my laptop...

Your kids HAVE to play their Elmo games. 

7. When in doubt on what to make for dinner tacos are always the solution.


Mm-mm! Taco Tuesdays!

8. You're embarrassed to take your car to Octopus Car Wash, but you have no choice because your kids trashed it.


9. An uninterrupted 15 minute shower feels just like a day at the spa.

10. A small part of you dies inside when your kids go through the "I don't like chile" phase.