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10 Reasons Blake's Is Way Better Than In-N-Out

Sometimes, we need a pick-me-up to make us forget how sad some of us are due to the absence of In-N-Out in New Mexico... or sometimes, we just need a reminder of why Blake's is ten billion times better anyway. 


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Burritos. That is all. 

Well actually... that's not all. Try substituting the hash browns in your burrito with seasoned fries. 


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When you find me some Animal Style with green chile, let me know. Otherwise, this is another reason Lotaburger trumphs In-N-Out.

All of the Shakes

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Who remembers the seasonal peach shake? Or that delectable red velvet shake? The different shakes are what makes Blake's unique, and pretty freaking awesome. 

Seasoned Fries, Or Regular?

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Nothing in your wildest dreams compares to Lotaburger's seasoned fries. Yum. 

We've Had Bacon All Along

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In-N-Out just got it added last year. How lame. 

The Atmosphere

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Something about Blake's overall just makes the fast food experience more enjoyable.. maybe it's the brightly colored dining area that varies restaurant to restaurant, or maybe it's the enticing smell of green chile on a cheeseburger.

BBQ Pulled Pork

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That is all. Any Lotaburger fan should know this sandwich is the bomb dot com.

Their Ice

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The ice in Blake's drinks is perfect. The tiny ice cubes make drinking a soft drink ten billion times better. 


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Who doesn't love a delicious, chewy brownie? Squares.

In-N-Out has nothin' on Blake's brownies.

Blake's is everywhere (in New Mexico)

Photo via www.blakesnow.com

Lucky for us, Lotaburger is located all over our state, meaning we can satisfy our craving virtually whenever. Another huge factor to why Blake's is better.