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So You Live In Albuquerque and It's December? You Can Relate.

By avesper 12/24/2014

Albuquerque News

It's wintertime! Many good things come along during this time of year. Things such as hot cocoa, holiday cheer, New Mexico traditions, family time, warm fuzzy sweaters, etc. But there are a few things I'm sure we all wish weren't so hard during the winter season here in Albuquerque. So here are 10 Problems Albuquerqians Face During Winter.   

#1: There's snow and school or work is not cancelled!


We have all woken up on a winter's morning and see that there's a fresh blanket of snow on the ground outside. That must mean it is a snow day! 

Nope. Sorry Albuquerqian, you still have to go to work or school today. Maybe tomorrow when the snow has melted and froze over night you'll get that snow day you were wishing for.   

#2: Utility bills are sky rocket!

Utility bills must nearly double around winter time. It comes as a shock but no big surprise. We have to crank up the heater to stay warm. We use more electricity with the nights being longer. If we choose to use lights as decorations for the holidays this can add an extra $50 or more to your electric bill. 

#3: Car door is frozen shut!


What?! My car door is actually frozen shut, and I can't open it? I don't live in a tundra! How is this possible? 

It happens, although we live in the desert it can still frost and leave us locked out of our car in the mornings. 

#4: Not sure if that's slush, ice, or snow?


When it snows it gets messy...real messy. Sometimes it's hard to distinguish what you are walking on outside in the aftermath of a storm. Is it ice? Is it snow? Or is it slush?

I can't tell...

#5 Forgot to dress warm?

Forgot your jacket? Gloves? Scarf? 

The sun is so bright all through out the year that sometimes we forget it's actually freezing outside. So don't forget to take a sweater with you wherever you go to avoid getting too cold. 

#6: Traffic Jams/ Car Accidents.


Arguably, this may be the worse problem to face as an Albuquerqian. Winter time is the worse time for traffic in the city. There's a Holiday shopping hustle near the end of December that makes the streets the busiest they are during this time of year. New Years Eve see's a high number of automobile accidents year after year.

Please be careful out there on the roads this year. 

#7: More pests/rodents in your home.

When the temperature drops and there is no where warm for many pests and rodents to go, they end up in your home. Nobody likes "La Cucaracha" crawling anywhere up and down their walls. 

Black Widows are especially a pest to watch out for inside of your home during the cold winter. 

#8: Food Trucks go into hibernation.

Some, not all ABQ Food Trucks will go into hibernation this winter. With the weather being colder it'll be harder to serve food outside. 

But, you can still catch these food-trucks at many of their regular locations. Visit their Facebook page to keep updated on which food-trucks are out and where about this winter time. 

#9: Baby, it's cold outside!

It is freezing! Yes we live in a dessert, but the dessert has a unique type of cold that is dry and chilly. Warm up a hot cup of cocoa and sit by the fireplace. If that doesn't do the trick, bundle up in bed with a hot beverage and some Netflix and you're set!