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Salt Lake City Photos You Can Only Take in the Spring

Spring is pretty unique in Utah. We have flowering popcorn trees, tulips, and daffodils galore. Take a look at these truly unique Spring pictures in Utah. 

Big Blooming State Capitol Trees

Julien via Flickr

Not only will you see these gorgeous flowering trees up on the Capitol grounds, but you'll also get a sweeping view of the valley. 

The One and Only Thanksgiving Point Gardens

Mateoutah via Flickr

The next best thing to visiting Holland.

Snowy Flowers

Let's be real. Before Spring really hits, Mother Nature is a bit of a mess and we end up with... well... this. But this is pretty cool.

Bright Pink Trees

Gwen Pearson via Flickr

Besides all the white popcorn trees, pink blossoms pop up all over downtown and the temple square area. They only stay for about a week, so you won't wanna miss this photo op! 

Wild Poppy's Everywhere

Pamela Kelly via Flickr

In early spring, these orange and red poppy's grow like beautiful weeds all over the valley. 

GREEN Valley

Julian via Flickr

Before the summer heat comes, in May and early June you'll catch a gorgeous emerald valley, snow capped mountains and azure blue skies.

Colors, Colors, Colors

Thomas Hawk via Flickr

Besides all the new blooms once a year you can see an unforgettable Festival of Colors where thousands of people throw colored chalk every March. 

Road Runners

Elvert Barnes via Filckr

Once the temps start raising everyone and their dog hits the streets, trails and canyons.... I'm looking at you Holladay Boulevard. 

River Snow Melt Flooding

Andrews Rodriguez via Flickr

With the heavy snow packed up from the winter the rivers overflow with swift and fast water, be careful!

Undecided Weather

Zane Selvans via Flickr

Yep, we're just as confused as you, it was sunny and warm this morning walking out to work, but by mid-day it's snowing again. Spring in Utah will never change!