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10 Phases of Albuquerque Relationships

By AmyMurphy 09/17/2014

Albuquerque News

I love you like I love green chile. Kind of. 

1. Strollin' Nob Hill Phase

You met each other in line at Frontier, and now it's time to see if you like each other as much as you like drunk eating cinnamon rolls at one in the morning. An early dinner at Nob Hill lets you show off your classy and cool side while still keeping it casual. And if it doesn't work out, there are plenty of bars nearby.

2. Tourist Season Phase

Every place you went to on a field trip as a child has now become your go to spot for dates: the zoo, the aquarium, the Museum of Natural History...unless it's October or December, in which case you best believe you will be buying hot chocolate and holding hands at the Balloon Fiesta or River of Lights.

3. Lobos, Isotopes, and the Bros Phase

He likes you enough to get his bros opinion of you but doesn't want you to think things are serious yet in case they don't approve. So he says you can tag along to watch some ball if you want, and you show him you can hang with the homies. After all, where better to play games than a stadium? 

4. Bill Gates Was a Criminal Too Phase

She's told her girlfriends about that time you were arrested. They're judging you now, but it's chill because nothing can get in the way of your relationship. Not even an ankle bracelet.

5. Sunset at the Tram Phase

You're on top of a mountain, the tram sways along the cableline in the wind, the setting sun turns the city pink and it's either 90 degrees or -2 degrees. Bring on the first, "I love you".

6. Meeting the Entire Family Phase

You've met the friends and fallen in love. Now it's time to meet the parents. Except its never just the parents. The entire family is there to pass judgement on you over a plate of enchiladas.

7. Sleeping with No Make Up on Phase

If he really loves you, he'll love you with or without your eyebrows painted on.

8. Getting Matching Tattoos Phase

Gloved hands pick up a needle and with each tiny injection of ink into your skin, your heart races in time to the buzzing of forever. And eh, if the relationship doesn't last you'll just cover it up with a Zia anyway. 

9. Trip to Santa Fe Phase

A romantic getaway to a place that's just like Old Town but bigger? It's time to test just how serious this relationship really is by spending a weekend away from the Burque. Depending on how well the trip goes, you may be taking baby photos in the Bosque by next Fall.

10. Photos with the Sandias Phase

Sandias in the back and cacti in the front makes for a nice picture. So you getting married now, or what?