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10 People You'll See in Downtown Albuquerque

Downtown Albuquerque has a colorful mix of people. Depending on what time of day you venture down Central, you'll find moviegoers, vendors, protesters, film crews and more. 

Dip your toe in for a bit of color. You can see these ten people downtown on most any given day.

The tourists

Albuquerque has the kind of tourists you find in any city, but downtown lures a particular breed--the kind who walk a city on foot, take buses and do things locals do. They get to know a town from the roots up.

The diners

Noah Silver

Downtown Java Joe's, Gold Street Cafe, Blackbird Buvette, Cafe Azul, and Lindy's are just some of the restaurants downtown that bring in both regulars and those who just happen by. 

The bus riders

Downtown's bus hub at Alvarado Station is always busy, as are other downtown stops such as the ones near the library and the courthouses.

The locals

Albuquerque has a quirky-hip vibe, and downtown knows it. Locals take in downtown's movies, shop at places like Maisel's, work nearby, or pass through for a bite to eat.

The down and out

The pedestrian friendly benches and seating areas of downtown make for a leisurely walk. They also attract the down and out.

The artist

Art galleries are a large part of downtown, and the art scene is growing. Albuquerque has artists of high caliber working and teaching here, to include Rein Whitt-Pritchette, whose works can be seen in the Albuquerque Museum's collection. His pop up art gallery at 105 Gold is now open for students interested in learning serigraphy, painting and drawing. 

The worker

Waiters, office workers, architects and other workers downtown are part of the mix you see any given day.

The barflys

Bars and clubs along Central pop with activity at night, and some cater to those looking for a drink during the day. The Library is one.

The food cart man

Food trucks set up shop after hours and on weekends, with a few occasionally setting up during the week. Hot dog carts are a given downtown, especially around the courthouses and Alvarado Station.

The music enthusiast

Downtown after dark pulses with live music. Blackbird Buvette, Amped, The Launchpad, The Sunshine all put on a great show. Depending on who's playing, you'll see music lovers whose tastes range from grunge to rap to acoustic.

Aileen O'Catherine

Joss Whedon fans wear Reaver costumes for the Serenity screening at the KiMo.