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10 Names Only New Mexicans Would Name Their Babies

New Mexico is unique in every way. Our baby names are no exception. 

We combine Old World traditions, biblical beliefs, and creative spelling for baby names that are uniquely, ours. 


Photo via MommyShorts.com. 

Ranked in our top 100 boy names, Xavier is a Spanish surname (St. Francis Xavier) turned first name.


Heaven spelled backwards, this acronym was the 9th most popular New Mexico girls name in 2013. Nevaeh is a newly created name with debatable significance, but is primarily thought to have the same virtuous meaning as Heaven. 


Exclusively popular boy name in New Mexico, it is derived from the latin name Dominicus, meaning, "Belonging to the Lord." Dominic also has great nickname potential such as, Dom and Nick. 


Hey there...just kidding! Delilah landed in our top 100 list and is gaining a strong foothold of popularity in both New Mexico and California. The Plain White T's reminded us just how much we love this creative and biblically historical name (Samson and Delilah). 


96th most popular name for New Mexican boys in 2013, Angelo, meaning, "Messenger of God," is a popular pick in our state according to the Baby Name Voyager at babynamewizard.com.


Ranked 10th in New Mexico for girl names, Serenity inspires a calm nature and tranquility. It's also the name of the ship in Josh Whedon's western sci-fi series, Firefly. 


Photo Credit: Amir Ridhwan , Shutterstock

A name widely used in New Mexico, but rare in other states, this classic moniker is in our top 100 ranked boy names. 

Famous Fabian's include Fabian Washington, NFL Quarterback for the Baltimore Raven's. 

Fabian is rated by Namepedia users as "sexy." We agree. 


Nayeli means "I love you" in the Zapotec, Mexican native language. We hope it is a name that is here to stay. 


Our #1 baby boy name in 2013, Noah harkens back to days of endless rain that will hopefully bless our dry land. Let's just hope we don't need the boat. 


An interesting New Mexican name, Ximena (an alternative to Jimena) topped the list of baby girl names in Mexico in 2013. Though just gaining popularity here, the name means "To be Heard," which this New Mexican gal kinda digs. 

After all, what woman does not want to be heard?