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10 Minnesota Towns With Really Cool Names

Minnesota is a state full of towns named after lakes, Saints, and Norwegian stuff. After scrutinizing the list of all 853 cities in Minnesota, these 10 towns separated themselves from the rest with their silly, interesting, and even provocative names.

Funkley, Minnesota


The smallest town in Minnesota also happens to have one of its coolest names. Only the truly funky are allowed in Funkley, which explains why 5 people live there. It seems like every small town in Minnesota has at least one bar, and Funkley is no exception. And the owner is also the mayor of the town.

Starbuck, Minnesota


The town was named after William Starbuck, a New Yorker who financed the nearby Little Falls and Dakota railroad. Located in west-central Minnesota, Starbuck is on the western shore of Lake Minnewaska, and like any good small Minnesota town, they have their own Dairy Queen. Unfortunately, they do not have a Starbucks.

Good Thunder, Minnesota


Good Thunder was named after a Winnebago chief, who is described on the town's website as "a friend of the white people." In 1978, the city was faced with a crisis when the Milwaukee Wisconsin Railroad discontinued service to the area. So they did what any good small town would do: they came up with a gimmick to get people to visit. The murals on The Good Thunder Feed and Grain Elevator bring in dozens of visitors every year, most of them being bored travelers passing through town on their way to something more interesting.

Leonidas, Minnesota


You'll find Leonidas way up in the Iron Range, about 5 minutes west of Eveleth. Not even the collective powers of Greek kings and Google can conjure up something interesting about this city.

Zumbrota, Minnesota


There is only one city named Zumbrota in the entire world, and it resides about 25 minutes northwest of Rochester. The word Zumbrota doesn't stand for anything, and it's not the name of the town founder. It's actually a botched attempt at combining the French name for a local river, with the Dakota Indian word for village. The city is somewhat known for its covered bridge, which is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places.

Alpha, Minnesota


Lovely, isn't it? The tiny town of Alpha is located in southwestern Minnesota, and is home to just 116 people. Popular hangouts include the Post Office, the corner of Palmer and Bismark, and the town hall. The most notable thing to ever happen in the city was the time the Google Maps car drove through town.

Rollingstone, Minnesota


Rollingstone is home to the Luxemborg Heritage Museum, which hosted Grand Duke Henri in 1991. It's open year round, so if you want to see a bunch of Dutch stuff, take a drive down to southeastern Minnesota and visit during Winona County Treipenfest, a festival that is over 150 years old.

Nimrod, Minnesota

piepkorn flickr page

Home to the Nimrod Gnats town ball team, and only 69 citizens, this north-central Minnesota town was named after Noah's great grandson from the Book of Genesis. The Nimrod Jubilee Days take place every Labor Day weekend, and feature fun events such as mud races, a softball tournament, and something called a "bull bash".

Odin, Minnesota


Odin is one of the coolest mythological characters of all time, so it's not a shocker that people in Minnesota would name a town after the Norse King of the Gods. The actual town of Odin? Significantly less cool. The fact that the most notable thing that happens in Odin is a five weekend craft fair should tell you all you need to know about this south-central Minnesota city.

Climax, Minnesota


I know what you're thinking. And yes, you're absolutely right. Climax was named after a popular chewing tobacco from the 1800's. Oh, you were thinking something else? 267 very satisfied Minnesotans live in Climax.