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10 Isleta Amphitheater Complaints All New Mexicans Understand

By kelsie 09/22/2014

Albuquerque News

We all have a love/hate relationship with the Isleta Amphitheater. It's big enough for your entire group, the acoustics are amazing, and the backdrop of the city is gorgeous. However, when we get an alert that our favorite band is coming to town, the two things that run through our mind are: 

1) Damn. Of course they are going to play there 2) It won't be that bad. 

Think again. 

Isleta Amphitheater/Hard Rock Pavillion/Journal Pavillion

Hey want to go to see (insert favorite band here) at the Amphitheater? Wait, the Journal? Uh, what is it called now???

Quit changing the name of the venue! It's a pain when going to buy tickets and even Ticketmaster doesn't even know what I'm trying to do. We're worse than P. Diddy in the early 2000's.

Who's Coming This Year

Arizona, California, Denver ... No New Mexico. 

It's not a secret that most artists skip coming to New Mexico when on tour. That's alright, we would just love to see Journey again for the third time this year. 

It Wont Take That Long To Get There

No Traffic on I-25...no line to get off on Rio Bravo... OK, we are going to get there in no time! Think again. Once you turn left and make your way up to the venue you run into a dead stopped traffic line because people don't know how to merge or park.

Who Wants A T-Shirt

Just when you thought you couldn't get more annoyed by the traffic lines to get into the concert, do you hear that noise? That's someone standing in the middle of the road knocking on your window trying to get you to buy a T-shirt. 

What Can I Bring This Time?

What you can bring into the venue is completely up to the artist. So remember the last time when you brought your umbrella, well not this time. Go ahead and hike back up to your car and put it away. Enjoy sitting in the rain! 

Weather Report: Are They Going To Play?

You never know who is going to play during what weather. It can be pouring raining for one concert and the show goes on, but of course when your favorite band comes to town it will be cloudy skies and the thought of lightning and the entire show's cancelled. 

This is good news for people who are stuck in line parking because you can just text your friends to get updates on the latest weather status, so that by the time you actually park, the concert has been cancelled and you can just turn around and go home. So convenient right? 

My Ticket Isn't A Big Deal

Ever wonder how you paid $150 a ticket for you and your date to have front row only to have some punk with a grass seat ticket munching on nachos and looking at you from your seat like he's not going to move? Security is top notch, that's how.

So Nice We Will Check Your ID Twice

Here's how this scenario goes: wait in line for an alcohol wristband by showing your ID, take your wristband and get in another line to wait to buy alcohol, and then be asked to pull out your ID again.

What is the wristband for then? Such a waste of time. 

Where's The Lid To My Water?

After waiting in line for ten minutes and fishing out $7 for a lukewarm water, don't even think about asking for the lid, it's not included. 

Nothing like getting back to your seat and spilling it right away before realizing you should have just gotten a beer. 

Time To Go Hiking

After the last chord has been sung and the lights go out, you're thinking about what an awesome concert you just experienced, and then that happiness dies. Why? Because you remember you have to climb Albuquerque's Everest to get back to your car. Now is a good time to regret all the beer you just drank.