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10 DC Instagram Accounts for the Foodie in You

By eib88 11/18/2014

Washington D.C. News

Looking for mouthwatering updates to your Instagram feed? These accounts will give you some great ideas about where to get the best eats in DC, not to mention they'll send your taste buds soaring.

1. Bitches Who Brunch @bitcheswhobrunch

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Becca Clara Love and Cori Sue Morris tell you "where to brunch, what to wear, and where to party" in DC. Their Instagram features not only delicious food, but posts from trendy boutiques in the city. The best part about following this account is the great suggestions it will give you on new places to try. The worst part is that it will make you very, very, hungry.

2. Fritz Hahn @fritzhahn

A writer for the Washington Post, Hahn is the Bars and Clubs critic for the Post's Going Out Guide. In addition, he writes a column in the Weekend section on Nightlife. Get ready for a feed full of tall glasses of beer and aged whiskey, not to mention the occasional pulled pork sandwich. Nom, nom, nom.

3. Hungry Lobbyist @hungrylobbyist

Not your average hanger steak on Hungry Lobbyist. Prepare yourself for posts of mouthwatering dishes, as well as posts and commentary on quintessential DC lifestyle, even from the perspective of a real-live lobbyist. 

4. Chef Carla Hall @carlaphall

A two-time finalist of Top Chef, Carla Hall is definitely worth a follow. Born in Nashville, Tennessee, she is now a resident of DC. Hall also has experience modeling early on in her career and is a certified CPA. Talk about talent! Get great recipes for all sorts of yummy treats like her Lemon-Glazed Five Flavor Pound Cake or Salted Caramel Banana Bread.

5. Nycci Nellis @nyccinellis

Created by the founder of a premiere foodie website, "The List," (thelistareyouonit.com) Nellis' feed includes cute dog pics, lifestyle posts, and pictures of some delicious dinners out in DC.

6. DC Dining @dcdining

Have some skill taking photos of a good meal? DC Dining features pictures of food from followers - yours could be next. Warning: You will want to eat your phone.

7. Geoff Tracy @chef_geoffs

Geoff Tracy is the head chef at the DC based restaurant, Chef Geoff's. You'll definitely want to try out his restaurant after this follow... Some popular favorites off his menu include the Filet Mignon with Warm Bacon Relish or the Mushroom Ravioli with Truffle Butter.

8. Julia Wampler @tablefortwoblog

With 7,200 Instagram followers, Julie Wampler is a foodie blogger in the DC area who attracts a lot of attention. Her posts include sneak peaks to recipes she shares on her blog, tablefortwoblog.com, plus fun lifestyle pictures of outings to the Container Store, and her dachshund puppy.

9. Spike Mendelsohn @spikethechef

Spike Mendelsohn is Head Chef and Owner of several DC restaurants including Good Stuff Eatery, We the Pizza, and Bearnaise. He was also a finisher on Top Chef and has made appearances on such shows as Good Morning America and Rachael Ray.

10. Burger Days @burgerdays

Posts from Burger Days pretty much speak for themselves. Scrolling through images of savory brioche buns and greasy french fries will make you eager for your lunch break.

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