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10 Chicago Foods We DO Slather In Ketchup

By ShafiaRahman 03/09/2015

Chicago News

Although Ketchup on a Chicago style hot dog is forbidden, there are a few foods that we do love to douse in Ketchup. Here are some foods that can only be devoured with Ketchup....

1. Omelettes / Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs and ketchup are the perfect combination

2.Grill Cheese Sandwhich

Tastes so good so with ketchup!

3. Onion Rings

4. Shrimp

Ketchup is a must for any good shrimp cocktail sauce

5. Corn Dogs

6.French Fries

Hot fries dipped into ketchup....it's just heaven

7. Hash Browns

8. Potato Chips

For that extra kick of flavor dip them in Ketchup

9. Chicken Nuggets

10. Cheese Burger

Ketchup was made to eat with a good old fashion cheese burger

So my fellow Chicagoans what foods do you love to eat with Ketchup?