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10 Biggest New Mexico Fashion Trends

In New Mexico, we don't embrace the trends. We are the trends. Fashion is based first and foremost on practicality. After all, we are a desert. 

What other reason do you need to look hot?

1. New Mexico Nails

In New Mexico, we've mastered the art of individual expression balanced with the demands of professional panache. 

Can't wear our favorite piercing or show our best ink during the 9-5? 

No worries. 

A quick trip to the nearest nail salon for a design change may be all it takes to show our true colors, which, by the way, are almost always New Mexican in flavor. 

Want to go Albuquerque with your nails? 

Hint: Try a contrasting nail color on just one finger on each hand. Preferably your middle. Take it extreme with five different colors, some sparkle, and your favorite nail design. 

There is only one rule. The bolder the better.

2. Lobo Love

A huge fashion trend for men and women. New Mexican's wear their sports on their sleeves, literally.

There is never a wrong time to wear the colors and logos of our favorite New Mexico-based sports team.

3. Wanna do it right? Do it Dickies.

Even scrubs become fashionable when they're Dickies. 

Our favorite color this summer? Yellow. Both practical and trendy, Dickies meets our two biggest New Mexico fashion requirements. 

From shorts to capri's, from scrubs to cargos - we've yet to meet a pair of Dickies we didn't like.

Want to wear your Dickies at work? 

Hint: Go for a wide legged look with a pastel color palette. Ground your look with some serious shoes and you are good to go. 

4. Loco for Locs

As in, "No, you can't borrow my Locs!" Locs shades tint dark, really dark. 

If you plan to hit up the freeway on a 2 p.m. in New Mexico this summer - you WILL need these. 

Wanna be the ultimate New Mexican friend? 

Hint: Keep more than one pair on hand for your passengers.

5. Beard Mustache = Sexy New Mexi's

When you wander through New Mexico please keep in mind that the scruffy faced peeps you see wandering around are not unkept! 

They are mid-mustache. 

In New Mexico, we appreciate that quality beard mustache take time to cultivate. Just like it takes time for our local breweries to craft a great home brew we all wait patiently for a proper beard mustache to grow in. 

When these masterpieces have grown into their full glory they offer not justan interesting  conversation piece but some protection from the sun and definite warmth against cold desert nights. 

Wanna grow your own

Hint: Try a natural pine nut based oil. 

6. Flip Flops!

Even in our harshest winters you can usually locate a New Mexican city dweller in a pair. 

We've mastered the art of the flip flop business suit combo. 

While we protect our skin from desert wind with our light linen long sleeves and long pants we leave our feet, head and hands bare to keep us cool.

This isn't beachwear. This is summer in the city survival wear.

7. Purple IS New Mexico's Black

Real New Mexicans wear purple. Just take a glance around this week and it will be hard to deny that purple is one of New Mexico's signature colors. Why? 

Black is hot, brah!

From purple shades, shirts, hair and even purple PT Cruisers, we do purple proud.

Is purple your color?  

Hint: Yes! Purple is everyone's color. Shades run from pastel lilacs to deep eggplant hues. There is a purple for you. 

8. Zip it.

Volcom's 2013 Spring Ski Full-Zip Hoodie. 

When you have wind gusts that knock over semi-trucks like it's nothing, you've gotta get real about your gear. 

Just because we value practical doesn't mean we can't make it fashionable. (Pss...notice the purple?).

9. You Know You're a New Mexican When....


Look up. What color are your shades?

Look down. What color are your shoes?

Do they match? Are they similar colors? 

Thought so.

Want to make it Albuquerque

Hint: Match your cap, hoodie, Dickies or nails to a color in your shades or shoes. 

10. Don't Leave Home Without This!

Did we mention that we live in a desert? 

That's right, even on the job, we look this good.