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KaylaSawyer Newscast

Top 10 Songs About Albuquerque

There's a remarkable number of songs named after "Albuquerque." It's as if the city's funny name has made it a synonym for weirdness out west.

In fact, many of the songs called "Albuquerque" have little to with the city itself. Examples: "Point Me In the Direction of Albuquerque" by The Partridge Family, Weird Al Yankovic's "Albuquerque," Neil Young's "Albuquerque."

And other songs, like "Right Turn at Albuquerque" by Robert Parish and Andreas Duus Pape's "Gas to Albuquerque" are more about traveling westward; they're about the journey, not so much the destination.

The following songs best capture the city of Albuquerque through their lyrics and not just their titles.

10 Photos - Mars or is it New Mexico?

Since various news outlets and the good folks at NASA are always comparing Mars to New Mexico, take a look a these 10 photos and see if you can tell New Mexico from the planet Mars.

Answers are listed at the bottom.