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7 Denver Venues That Only Natives Know About

There was a time, not too many moons ago, that Denver was considered just a cow town right smack dab in the middle of the country. A place to only visit and only during the winter for the annual family ski disaster...err...ski trip.

Nowadays, people are still steaming in for the world renowned skiing, but now these people are staying. And, in turn, they are helping Denver grow into a cultural hot spot. Included in this newly found resurgence of culture is the underground music scene originating from Denver and surrounding areas. 

From the Flobots, to the always exciting 3OH!3, to the newest up-and-comers The Lumineers, Colorado - and Denver more specifically - is firmly supplanting itself on the map as a musician's mecca.

All of these now national acts had to start somewhere, and you better believe more will be following in their newly blazoned trails. Because of this, we here in Denver are afforded the privilege to live out every hipster's wet dream: to hear a band at a tiny venue just before they hit it big. 

The following venues encapsulate what it means to be a rising star here in Denver. Who knows? In ten years you may be bragging to your kids/peers/coworkers that you saw [enter band name here] at one of these fine - yet intimate - establishments way back when. Automatic street cred activated.


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