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Cover Breaking News

When news breaks in Dallas/Ft. Worth, we want you to cover the story. Use the NewsCastic app to capture footage of the event and report what you see and hear. With this assignments, it's important to always remain safe and not interfere with emergency crews and to follow all laws. If you have any concerns, please email us at dallas@newscastic.com.

Deadline: Open

Open To: Dallas Journalist

Earn: $65 +Cred

What are assignments?

Assignments are stories on the NewsCastic Marketplace that journalists can accept either for payment or Cred (or both). Availability of some assignments may be limited to your location and Cred.

How do I accept assignments?

To accept an assignment, click on "Get Details" and then after reading the assignment details, click on "Accept Assignment." An assignment is not completed until you successful submit the story.

What is Cred?

Cred is NewsCastic's credential system for journalists. Journalists earn Cred for each story successfully submitted to NewsCastic. Earn enough Cred and you are promoted to the next Cred level, making you eligible for more higher-paying stories.