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Places in Salt Lake City You Have Make Reservations Months in Advanced

Somethings are worth waiting for, right? We need you to find us the places in Salt Lake City with the longest reservations waits but are totally worth it. Restaurants? Clubs? Preschool? Find us 7-10 places in SLC that have long reservations but are worth it. ***OPTIONAL*** Request NewsCatstic's beta iPhone app, where you can produce and submit your entire story! NewsCastic's iPhone app allows you to shoot video from your phone that streams straight to the cloud, and does NOT take up space on your phone. Your feedback on the beta app will be greatly appreciated. To get the app on your phone, email info@newscastic and request to get the beta.In order to be paid for this assignment, all requirements must be met.REQUIREMENTS- 7-10 list items- Must meet deadline- Strong main image- Intro paragraph- GIF/Photo/Video for each item- Witty subhead and short description for each item- Must be available for story edits 24 hours after submissionCOPYRIGHT / IMAGE REQUIREMENTSAll written content must be original. All photos and videos must be fair use, rights cleared, and credited in the image source area to the lower right of the photo. Rights-image resources:- Flickr Creative Commons- FaceBook Embeds- Instagram Embeds- giphy.com- Meme generators

Deadline: 3 days

Open To: Salt Lake City Writer

Earn: $20 +Cred

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