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If Fort-Worth Neighborhoods Were Game of Thrones Houses

We need you to bring Westeros to our backyard. This is for the avid Game of Thrones fan. Use a minimum of 7 Game of Thrones houses and pair each one with a corresponding Fort-Worth neighborhood. You MUST explain why. People are going to challenge your choices, so be compelling in your argument and specific in listing the similarities, personalities, ect. between the two comparisons. You must include an image of the chosen neighborhood and Game of Thrones house. Bonus points if you include gifs that go along with your story.

Example: http://bit.ly/1Fy71tf

In order to be paid for this assignment, all requirements must bet met. Do NOT include images if they aren't right-cleared, copyright free, attributed content. Every image used in the story needs to link to the author's rights cleared page.

REQUIREMENTS- At least 7 GOT houses listed in the story- Multimedia-centric (video, Instagram visuals along with Facebook or video) - Must meet deadline- Strong main image or video- Intro paragraph- GIF/Photo/Video for each item- Engaging subhead and short description for each item

COPYRIGHT / IMAGE REQUIREMENTSAll written content must be original. All photos and videos must be fair use, rights cleared, and credited in the image source area to the lower right of the photo. Rights-image resources:

- Original Content- Flickr Creative Commons- Facebook Embeds- Instagram Embeds- giphy.com

Estimated Hours: 1.00

Deadline: 2 days

Open To: Dallas Writer

Earn: $35 +Cred

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