Everything that is Wrong with the Utah Blog Epidemic

First it was not getting picked last at recess, then getting "in" with the right group in high school, and now it's the blog epidemic and who can make their life look the most lavish. 

At first the blogs were the fun outlet for mommies to share their adorable kids for families who were out of town or to ooh and aah at their pictures but over the past years the blog world has turned into a vicious competitive and "high school" sort of world. 

Before continuing, this isn't a bash on all blogs, there is a purpose for blogging to journal, school, businesses, etc but the kind of blogs I'm talking about are the blogs that seem to have more than 1 k followers or are very mainstream and popular with many followers.   After viewing the blogs they all have many traits in common. 

1. They Are Women Who Are From Utah

2. It Is All on The Good Leaving No Room For Reality

3. The Endless Fashion Posts and Product Endorsements 

After viewing many of these popular and some world known Utah bloggers I always felt I didn't have enough or I wasn't doing enough when before viewing I would feel very satisfied with my life.  Many may say it's just jealousy but it was more than that it was the conflict I was seeing that so many people were buying into these blogs and accepting them when I sensed their was a lot of superficiality. It was like I was in high school again and these blogs were the mean girls telling me that I needed this new hand bag, and this European vacation while looking beautiful and having a baby too to be happy. It is exhausting! 

Now I am all about traveling, and fashion, fashion  and traveling are my second loves next to my husband, however when did so many women feel the need to take it on their-selves to label everything they were wearing? With my love of fashion I'm content just loving it and shopping and wearing my clothes but not having to post every thing. 

Now I understand some of these bloggers make money and that is great but the issue I'm trying to really target is the lack of reality that is rarely portrayed in these blogs. The HOW is never talked about! How did you get to go on that lovely vacation? What was the planning process? How do you afford all those new clothes? Share the pointers! Now these bloggers don't have to be "Debbie Downers" and post how life is hard all the time but I'm a big believer that there must be a balance in all things and with all the vacations, new outfits, fancy restaurants but the lack of how they got their or the coupons they used is lacking.  

With this lack and superficiality it is affecting the younger generations. Many younger women now are feeling entitled and worse are expecting when they get married that they will have the huge house right away, and the new clothes off the bat.  Those poor husbands and the expectations put on them. 

Hopes and goals and the American dream is real! There is nothing wrong wanting the house, or the cute shoes but there is something wrong when we think or "show" we got that big house and those stylish with no effort or work put into it and if you did somehow get it free or with out work TELL US so we don't have to keep beating ourselves up we are cutting short or doing something wrong. 

So what to do? For you lifestyle bloggers include some more HOW or it's okay to show you are in a cute outfit with a bad hair day or you had to cute the vacation a little early due to something.  One amazing blogger who finds the balance of reality  is Stephanie Nielson.  

Also as fun as it is looking at good clothes, good food, good vacations, I get a lot more from bloggers such as Stephanie because  she is REAL.  One of her posts may be light and fun and the next one will talk about the stress of being a mom. With her sincerity it is refreshing and I find myself relating to her on a deeper level and being inspired. 

So may we stop buying into the fake and lavish realities and start being ourselves! 


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