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13 Signs You've Been in Utah for Too Long

By Chad_Buleen 06/09/2014

We know that there is a lot to love about Utah, but you've got to admit that that we have our quirks, too. You might hesitate to ever leave the state, but it might be necessary if you can identify with any of these 13 signs that you've been in Utah for too long.

1. You Can't Have a Conversation Without Saying "Flip," "Fetch," or "Oh, My Heck"

And you know how you keep calling movies "shows?" Yeah, that's not right either.

2. You're Annoyed When You Have to Walk More Than Two Blocks to Get to Church

Unless you are one of those people who always drive, even though it takes only two minutes to walk to church from your front door.

3. This Is How Excited You Get When Your Order Is Ready at Arctic Circle

Fry Sauce! Yeah!

4. You Wait to See If Your New Neighbors Wear Red or Blue Before Introducing Yourself

No sense in wasting everybody's time, right?

5. Every Kid on Your Son's Baseball Team Has a Name That Ends with -en

"Let's go, Caden!" "Nice swing, Keenen!" "Good catch, Talen!" "Slide, Landen!" Exhausting.

6. You Wonder Why the Names of Cities in Other States Are So Different

You mean to say that no other states have towns called Nephi, Lehi, or Moroni? What about Manti? Bountiful? Even Brigham City? 

7. "Going to the Theater" Means Watching the Nightly Show at Lagoon

They're trying. So there's that.

8. Setting Off Fireworks on July 24 Feels Perfectly Normal

While you're at it, why don't you just go ahead and set them off during the whole month of July?

9. You're Convinced Moab Is Just as Fun as Disneyland

Really? Moab is more fun than this? We think not.

10. Driving 15 MPH Over the Speed Limit Is Normal

After all, it's not speeding if everybody is doing it, right?

11. You Can't Wait to Share Your New Jell-O Recipe

Strawberry Jell-O upside down cake? Thank you, Pinterest!

12. This Is How Excited You Get to Go to the Observation Deck at the Church Office Building

It really is an awesome view, though. 

13. This Is How Shopping for a New Mini Van Feels

Leather seats? A DVD player? Holla!

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