Albuquerque Food News

Your guide to the Lasorda Dog

The hot dog you are destined to eat. 

Take a look at it. 

It’s called the Lasorda Dog, named after the legendary baseball manager who spent a few years managing the Albuquerque Dukes back before the phrase “specialty hot dog” was invented. It has everything you’d want in a hot dog. And possibly more. 

And you can get it this year at Isotopes Park.

 Let’s break this puppy (pun fully intended and I feel no shame) down, part by part. 

Hot dog purists? You might want to avert your gaze.

The Ultimate ABQ Food Truck Guide

When Mobile Cuisine did research on the best chance of success for those thinking of opening a food truck business, Albuquerque was #4 on the list. And no wonder. We've got a food truck friendly city, food truck organizations to help them and we love amazing food.

Food trucks move in pods and they also move solo, but you can follow them at ABQ Food TrucksDuke City Food Trucks, the New Mexico Food Truck Coalition, or on their individual Facebook or Twitter feeds, where they post what they're cooking that day and where they'll be parked.

Regular lunch spots include 12th and Indian School (BIA campus), TaLin Market and Science and Technology Park. In the evenings, find trucks at Tractor, Le Cumbre and Marble breweries. Trucks also do special events, the Balloon Fiesta and many of them cater. However you like your food, there's a truck out there waiting to meet your stomach. 


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